1. MAIC Affiliated ISPs
   2. List of Home Internet Service Resellers

MAIC is the result of ISPs in the Mid-Atlantic Region combining efforts to provide a larger customer base with expanded coverage areas while maintaining the local ISP service level.

Our Dial Up Internet Service rates have always been among the most affordable in our region, and we make service and support our highest priorities. With your MAIC Corperate Dial Up Account you have access to the World Wide Web, multiple mail accounts, free web space, and some of the friendliest technical support personnel you will ever meet.
What you get:
1. 56K V.90 connections
2. 2 x E-mail accounts
3. Top Rate Technical Support
What you don't get:
1. Busy Signals
2. Monthly Time Limits
3. Setup Fees
(never had it, never will!)
Non-Metered Service Rates:
Monthly $16.00
Quarterly $45.00
($15.00 / Month)
Semi-Annual $80.00
($13.33 / Month)
Annual $150.00
($12.50 / Month)

For information on how to become a MAIC host site for an affiliated ISP click here.

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