1. MAIC Affiliated ISPs
   2. List of Home Internet Service Resellers

MAIC is the result of ISPs in the Mid-Atlantic Region combining efforts to provide a larger customer base with expanded coverage areas while maintaining the local ISP service level.

MAIC's Dedicated Connection Service is provided for individuals who are looking for an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. Telecommuters, power users, and individuals working from their home office are all prime candidates for a dedicated connection. Along with all the benefits of a regular dial up connection, a dedicated connection provides the customer a static IP address. A static address allows your computer to act as a host on the Internet. If you think you might be interested in a dedicated connection for your home or home office, our circuits representatives, who can be reached by e-mail or by phone, would be happy to discuss your needs, the options avialable to you, and the pros and cons of each.
Code Access Type $ / month
Dedicated Dialup Service
V90-1B V.90 (BASA) 40.00
V90-1S V.90 (SSA) 45.00
V90-2B Dual V.90 (BASA) 70.00
V90-2S Dual V.90 (SSA) 80.00
On-Demand ISDN Service
ISDN-M200 64K / 128K <= 200 hrs/month 20.00
ISDN-M300 64K / 128K <= 300 hrs/month 30.00
Dedicated ISDN Service
ISDN-1B 64K (BASA) 50.00
ISDN-1S 64K (SSA) 60.00
ISDN-1N1B 64K (BASA) w/bonded 128K on Demand 70.00
ISDN-1N1S 64K (SSA) w/bonded 128K on Demand 80.00
ISDN-2B 128K (BASA) 90.00
ISDN-2S 128K (SSA) 110.00

BASA = Bell Atlantic Service Area
SSA = Sprint Service Area

For information on how to become a MAIC host site for an affiliated ISP click here.

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